What to Know About the Air Knife

They call it the Old Timer knife for a reason. The chances are that if your grandfather owned a flip knife, he owned an Old Timer knife made by Schrade. These knives, while durable, gave off the classic feel and were a testament to the great, classic look that made Schrade famous. However, if you decide you want one, you may find that they are not only tough to come by, but they will require some specific care to keep the knife in a good working order. knife manufacturer

Schrade proudly purports that their Old Timer knife, one of their best selling knives, is able to withstand more than you can possibly throw at it. They state that it is the perfect folding knife for cutting, sawing, whittling, carving, or anything else you can think of using a knife for. The unique design has held steady for over a hundred years and has no plans of changing this tradition.

Inventions like the Schrade X-timer and the Q3 technology got involved with this process after almost one hundred years without using the help of careful, hand built knives and the willingness to become one of the best knife manufacturers this world has ever seen. This particular knife makes great use of the old company thinking out side of the box and creating a brand that uses all of the latest state of the art equipment to come up with a sturdy, durable knife that passes even the most dedicated collector’s rigorous tests.

If you are to buy an Old Timer knife, there are a few things you may want to look for to be sure you are getting the best knife for your money. You want to look at the condition of the blade, and see if it has been kept in a good enough condition to have a majority of its life left. Many times people slam their folding knives into the folded position without any care as to the effect it has on the condition of the blade. With time, dirt gets wedged into the folding area and will slowly grind away at the blade, therefore reducing its luster and survivability.

One of the best places to find the Old Timer knives is by searching in nearby garage sales. You can pick up a copy of the local newspaper, preferably a weekend edition, and look for garage sales that will be happening in your area. You can also do a search in Craigslist for either “old timer knife” or “Schrade knife”, where you probably will come across someone trying to get rid of their knife. If you do decide to head down this path, be sure to check out estate sales, as this particular style of knife has been around for decades, and has been the knife of choice for many people.


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